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Lecture by Elisabeth Moser-Marzi: Basics and overview of the draft PPWR with plastic-related aspects


Newsletter Waste Management Law, Whistleblower Directive

The last 1.5 years have been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects.

Nevertheless, time does not stand still.

There are extensive legal news, which we would like to inform you about in our newsletter.

As you know, we mainly represent technical professions and institutions as well as companies with a high research, development and technology focus as well as their proponents and experts; also doctors, civil technicians, engineers, experts, etc.

Another focus of our law firm is the legal advice of companies with an affinity for plastics – plastics in particular are subject to strict and increasing regulations due to the latest EU developments.

We would like to report on this – in particular on the last amendment to the Austrian Waste Management Act (AWG), which was passed in the National Council in 2021, and also on the amendment to the Packaging Ordinance.

The Whistleblower Directive is also of great importance, although there is still no final Austrian implementation.

You can also find details on this in the attached newsletter.

We are at your disposal for questions and detailed information.

A lot has also happened in our law firm. Lukas Weinhandl, LL.M. (WU) joined as a lawyer. Details on his professional career can be found in the newsletter.

We wish you interesting reading.

E. Moser-Marzi und L. Weinhandl

Newsletter Aktuelle Entwicklungen zum Werkstoff „Kunststoff“ im Abfallrecht; Whistleblower-RL

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Plastics in packaging law – operational audits by the packaging coordination office (VKS)

Plastics form the technological basis in the fight against climate change. They remain the materials of the 21st century.
Despite massive criticism and legal challenges, they remain indispensable in the packaging sector. However, many companies have problems with the correct implementation of the Packaging Ordinance and the required release from obligation, as inspections commissioned by the Packaging Coordination Office (VKS) show.

This is particularly true in the area of plastic packaging. In order to offer professionalization and legal support for affected companies, I offer with the expert Dr. Christian Keri on

on the amendment of the Waste Management Act and the Packaging Ordinance 2021 an ARS seminar in Vienna.

Representatives of affected companies are cordially invited to participate. Commercial packaging has also been subjected to massive legal changes.

Details can be found on the homepage: or Elisabeth Moser-Marzi • Advisor at the ARS Academy.

ARS-Seminar – AWG-Novelle, Verpackungs-VO Novelle 2021

Hygline GmbH, gespag.akademie

22.10.2019: „Wissenswertes über Hygiene und Recht für MedizinerInnen“

Moser-Marzi, E. „Wer haftet bei Schäden? Beispiele aus der Praxis für die Praxis“