Mag. Elisabeth Moser-Marzi

The client is the center of our practise.

We set high value on serious counselling and client service. Excellent performance is our goal. We reach it through constant education and training and commitment to the needs of our clients.

We are specialized in interesting fields of law, e.g. civil law, corporate law and general economic law that are not routine. This special expertise enables us for the professional handling of complex legal problems.

The client is the center of our practise. Together with our clients, we develop tailor-made solutions within the legal possibilities.

We set high value on good working climate.

Content employees are also an advantage for the client.

Good communication is the precondition for our success.

We are not only reachable for our client, but attend to him personally.

We see ourselves as a service provider.

We are open for all seeking legal help, but reserve the right to refuse a representation on good reason.

We rely on most modern office technology and data processing.

It helps us to solve the problems of our clients in the best possible way.

We render our services in due time. We expect the same of our clients.

Confidentiality is one of our most important professional duties. For us it is a matter of course.

Expansion must not be a cause of itself. We must not lose contact to our clients.